Apart From Taking In Your Lunch Meal, What Else Are You Able To Do on Lunch Hours At Your Workplace?

As well all already know, there is no other time at work when to unwind and rejuvenate than the lunch break. Furthermore, it is already common knowledge that this time is spent to consume lunch meals in order to recharge the worn out body. After which, we sit a bit and head back to work again. Many people actually have this kind of routine without having knowledge of the negative effects towards health. Should you have a job at work that involves simply sitting, it has the potential to cause negative effects to your health such as back or neck pains as well as stiff muscles and joints.

A lunch break is usually due a minimum of one hour. So for the remaining hours after eating your lunch meal, it is recommended to perform activities to totally rejuvenate the body and to avoid health problems. Aside from just eating your lunch and sitting for the whole remaining hours on your lunch break, you can also do:


Regardless if you’ve just finished eating your lunch meal or do not have to time to eat, you need to stretch those stiff muscles and joints. In order to carry out a stretching routine, you will not need much time, space as well as movements. You can simply do stretching while standing beside your chair. Have a few counts of arm and shoulder rolls, head twists, leg stretches and others. Having to make this as a part of your routine will help your body active throughout the day and will reduce the risk of back as well as neck pains.


Among the best ways to stretch and relieve those tired legs, feet, arms and back. In addition, walking can also take your mind off from the stressful environment of work. Having to walk diverts the mind’s attention towards its environment which makes relaxation and rejuvenation really effective if you have a good scenery while walking.

Having your lunch at a short distance from your work place can also be a good exercise and as a way to stretch and relax your body. With walking helping to stretch your muscles and joints, you can also look forward to a freshly served and warm sumptuous meal. After eating, you can walk back to work feeling stuffed and rejuvenated with the body recharged for work.

Getting a massage

Since lunch breaks are all about relaxation and rejuvenation, why not take the best way to relax and unwind – through massage. Among those ways to maximize relaxation, massaging is probably the best as it focuses mainly on relieving tired and stressed muscle tissues. Massages not only have a physical effect but can also rejuvenate the mind and soul.

Eating outside the office

Having to eat your lunch outdoors not only lets you enjoy the scenery but gives you a breath of fresh air, Vitamin D from the sun’s rays and the companionship of other people. A common favorite routine by many people not only because of the good ambience and natural environment but also the opportunity to get acquainted with other people.

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