How To Guarantee Your Family Eats Only Healthy Breakfast Foods

No matter how rushed you may be, breakfast can still be a part of your day. Using breakfast foods that are easy and fast doesn’t mean they can’t deliver what your body needs to get a good start in the morning.

Breakfast foods typically have high sugar content if you purchase many of the ready made cereals that are on the market today. This isn’t necessarily a good start for you or your children and tends to let them down about mid-morning.

Gaining the right balance of nutrients and a food that’s going to support your efforts all morning can be a challenge. This is especially true if your morning is hurried, as most are. Given the morning tasks that take place every day in households with two workers and young children, getting things together for breakfast may be the last thing you think of in the morning.

It’s quite possible to make the task of getting the right level of nutrition out of every morning a very manageable endeavor. By putting forth a little pre-planning effort you can have ready many great options for healthy breakfast foods making the choice of “what’s for breakfast” an easy choice. You will no longer have to worry about whether you ate healthy or not. You simply follow your plan.

The biggest challenge to getting the right nutrition for any meal, not just with breakfast foods, is forcing ourselves to think about it. Unfortunately, the right time to think of what to eat, isn’t in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the morning. If you are able to spend a few moments preparing a meal plan when you have a moment to think about it, you will choose a much healthier diet.

Involving the rest of the family in the pre-planning stages is a good idea too. Ask the kids what they would like to have for their Wednesday meal. Helping them understand what is healthy or not healthy will be much easier done in this setting than during the wild goings on of the morning. You could even have them participate in cooking a few things over the weekend. If they have helped cook it, they will likely be happy to eat it.

When the entire family participates in eating healthy the kids are a lot more likely to continue the process long after they have left the home. If they have participated in choosing the breakfast foods that will be on their plate in the morning and particularly if they have helped prepare those foods, they will be happy to eat them too.

The weekend, for most, is a great time to put your plan into action. Yummy muffins on Sunday morning is a delicious treat. Why not throw in an extra pan full of muffins and wrap them up in the refrigerator for a breakfast later in the week. Whole wheat pancakes store particularly well and taste great when warmed up a few days later. Taking a little extra time to double your breakfasts over the weekend or on any unhurried morning and storing those breakfast foods for a later date should provide great rewards.

Give yourself an edge when it comes to breakfast foods by making them ahead of time and getting what you and your kids like, and what your body needs. The advantages you get from using good grains and avoiding processed cereals will be apparent in the extra energy that you feel at work or school.

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