Herbs and Spices

More than a Culinary Delight

Every healthy kitchen has herbs and spices maintained in its cupboard. They provide healthy addition to all dishes. They are medically usages. Researches continue investigating herbs and spices to discover any other mysterious validity.

There are many common herbs and spices we use every day that has added benefits that we might not think about. For instance when we think of cinnamon, we might think of apple pie and breakfast buns, but many know cinnamon for its anti-inflammatory properties as well. It is used by many as an aid to lowering blood pressure and reducing cholesterol. Cinnamon sticks can be steeped to make a healthy tea. Just add a little lemon and honey.

Adding More Flavor and Health

Another healthy herb is rosemary. It is known as anti-inflammatory and used medically. It has a flavor similar to the lemon. If add eggs, it will be delicious as well.

There is another herbal ingredient, called garlic. It has important characters, such as building immunity against cancer, and preventing cardiovascular diseases as well. Garlic is used widely along with. Since it reduces blood pressure, many of physicians are advising people to use it. It is used in kitchen by adding it to soups, sauces, salad, and marinades

Another ingredient, which has anti-inflammatory characteristics, is fennel. It is famous for its anti-oxidant. Its seeds are used in Italian kitchen along with. It may be eaten as a vegetable, so we may ignore its being among herbs and spices ingredients. However, its flavor is similar to that of anise.

Medically, peppermint is known with its content of antioxidants, antimicrobial, and anti-viral as well. It treats the troubles of stomach and removes pain. It can be used with some fruits, such as strawberries. It can be added to salads as well.

There is such diversity in herbs and spices not only because they enhance the flavor of so many of our foods but because they bring the added benefit of helping to keep us healthy as well.

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