Herbs and Spices

More than a Culinary Delight

No doubt that herbs and spices are common staples in all homes’ kitchens. Flare and flavor are given to each dish that they are added to. They maintain the healthy body along with. Researches are doing experiments on them to prove their therapeutic effect.

Everyday we use a lot of herbs and spices, which have more benefits far from we think. They are of medical usage along with. Cinnamon, as an example can be used widely due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics. Medically, it is used to reduce blood pressure. It can also reduce cholesterol. As a healthy tea, cinnamon can be drunk with adding some drops of lemon or a little spoon of honey as well.

More addition of Flavor and Health

Another healthy herb is rosemary. It is known as anti-inflammatory and used medically. It has a flavor similar to the lemon. If add eggs, it will be delicious as well.

There is another herbal ingredient, called garlic. It has important characters, such as building immunity against cancer, and preventing cardiovascular diseases as well. Garlic is used widely along with. Since it reduces blood pressure, many of physicians are advising people to use it. It is used in kitchen by adding it to soups, sauces, salad, and marinades

The famous fennel is known of its antioxidant powers. It has anti-inflammatory characteristics as well. Italian kitchen is using fennel in some delicious foods, such as chicken, pork and sausages. Fennel is eaten either as a raw vegetable, or a roasted one. It can be used a side-dish as well. Its flavor likes the anise’s one.

Of course, peppermint is a popular ingredient. People like to use it in making salads, and if added to strawberries will shape a delicious fruits food. Medically, it is known as its contents of antioxidants, antimicrobial, and antiviral substances.

There is such diversity in herbs and spices not only because they enhance the flavor of so many of our foods but because they bring the added benefit of helping to keep us healthy as well.

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