Teeth Whitening: What To Remember After Whitening

Recently, you had a teeth whitening session and felt happy & had that charming million dollar smile is back on your face. You are no more embarrassed in smiling widely. A few days later, when you wake up & face the mirror, the same nightmare has come back to haunt you in the form of a yellowish stain on your white pearl teeth. Now what, the worst, you wont feel like smiling anymore.

You would wonder, how come that stain is back, when I had teeth whitening from the best dentist in town. Here’s the answer – think conclusively what you were advised after the teeth whitening session. Revise them. Oh, you forgot them. Never mind. I would summarize those for you, print it & keep it handy lest you forget them :

– First of all check the credibility of your dentist. Reach out to those who have had teeth whitening session and what is the success ratio.

2. After the teeth whitening session, it is always important to remember that the teeth are still vulnerable to the stains of any kind. So make sure that you use a good quality teeth whitening toothpaste. There are many brands available in the market or at any pharmaceutical or cosmetic outlets.

– Avoid using hard bristles based toothbrushes as they scrub out the protective enamel from your teeth.

– Wash teeth in and out properly on a regular basis.

– This we had been hearing since our childhood but still carries weight. Brush your teeth twice a day without fail.

6. Stains get back again because of regular consumption of beverages, colas, or nicotine product, caffeine products (tea, coffee etc) and red wine. In case you can’t avoid them, make sure to rinse your mouth quickly after you have any of such items.

– Rather than drinking the dark pigmented drinks directly, you should use straws.

– Dark colored foods such as cherry and blueberries tend to release stubborn color although in minute quantity, so avoid eating them.

9. Consult your dentist before consuming certain medicines (Antibiotics) as they tend to cause stains.

10. Certain people have delicate teeth formation. In case you are one of them, it is better to see your dentist. & better now than later, on finding a stain, lest it might be a problem indicator for another teeth problem.

– Stains on teeth heavily depends on your lifestyle. So if you are little relaxed about it, it may be the cause of worry for you. You might need to see your dentist after teeth whitening at regular intervals. It all comes down to you only. If there are certain instructions that your dentist specified for you then you ought to follow them.

– You might need to have a little touch up after every 6 months or a year.

– Sometimes there are other causes for example seminal discharge from the plaque that might leave stain on your teeth. So again immediately visit your dentist if you notice anything amiss.

14. Do not experiment with your teeth as they essential for keeping a nice smile on your face. Always stick to known products and reputed brands as they are expected to be more reliable.

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