Teeth Whitening: Determine Your Tooth Color

Has any one ever told you the exact colour of your teeth? I am sure people might have given you some abstract description of your teeth colour. Yes their opinion matters a lot in your life but it is unlikely that their description is correct.

Truth to be told there is no standard way to judge the colour of the teeth accurately. Although there are some patterns according to which you can ascertain in which category your teeth colour falls.

Now, you would definitely like to know if your teeth are white, off white or yellow. & in case they are not sparkling, what needs to be done to get them totally white – Are there any tools available in the market which might help you out to identify your condition? The answer to these queries is YES and there being an established referencing technique that might help you out.

The referencing technique essentially involves the use of shade cards to determine the colour of you teeth. Shades cards give you a good starting point to begin your endeavour to get a set of pearly whites.

Basically, there are four shades of teeth taken for reference by dentists all over the world. They being – A (reddish brown), B (reddish yellow), C (grey) & D (reddish grey).

While ‘A ‘category teeth denote the dirtiest of all and those farther away tend to become whiter in appearance. Category ‘A’ would essentially require intensive teeth whitening whereas ‘D’ would require less teeth whitening. However, transition from dark to white will need an amount of time, care and patience. Depending upon your teeth colour that the shade cards identify for you, you can go in for a customised under guidance of your dentist.

Once the color of your teeth has been identified, the next step is to visit your dentist. This will allow you to chalk out a remedial process to whiten your teeth depending upon your current condition. For example, in case you happen to have teeth which come in category A the dentist might suggest an In-Office treatment which would involve you to take the whitening treatment in the dentists office. In-Office treatment may sound costly; however don’t do the mistake of avoiding it, which many seem to prefer, to save on costs.

In contrast if you have teeth which happen to come in category D, the dentist might very well suggest you to regularly use a teeth whitening toothpaste. Irrespective what customized plan your dentist fixes up for you, it is critical that you follow his advice thoroughly. This will allow you achieve an excellent result.

The point to be noted here is that there is a limit to which your teeth will get white. This is not a miracle but a technique & takes it’s own time. People expecting too much in short span of time may get frustrated. the best advice is to take it steady as any carelessness might prove costly to your teeth. Lastly, every person has a natural colour of teeth. So if your teeth colour is little shady by birth then thinking ivory white is out of way.

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