How Do You Find Out What Prescription Your Glasses Are?

Lets say you have found an old pair of glasses and youre wondering what the prescription is. This is something that is very common because people are finding their old glasses all of the time. They are searching through an old drawer and then they all of a sudden find that pair of glasses from a few years ago that they loved. However, they are not sure if they can wear them or not. They are not aware of what the prescription is. Thats when they start to wonder how they can find out what their prescription is.

If you put on those old eyeglasses and they dont seem right, then chances are the prescription is off. Can you have a new prescription put into them? Of course you can. All you have to do is talk to an authorized dispensary after having an up-to-date exam.

Finding out your prescription

The easiest way for you to find out what your prescription is, is to go to your local optometrists dispensary. They have technicians in the dispensary that will take your glasses and gauge what the prescription is. They have the right tools and expertise to tell you what your prescription is and what your options are when it comes to putting the right prescription into your glasses.

Basically, they will tell you if your prescription is correct or not. If it is not, then they will tell you that they can cut and place new lenses into the glasses. You just have to have a current prescription in order for you to have your current prescription placed within the frames.

Getting the right prescription

If it has been a while since youve had an eye exam, you will have to have one. Some dispensaries require that you have a prescription that is no more than a year old. Others require that you have had an eye exam within the past two years. It really depends on the state youre in and who the doctor is youre dealing with. This is because it is important that you can see the best you can. In the case of children, yearly exams may be required. Once they eyes stop progressing, every two years may be fine.

No matter what, you have to have your current prescription placed within the frames because you want to be able to wear your glasses for a year or two. You dont want to have to ask for a new prescription in just a matter of months. You also dont want to have to look through the wrong prescription. If you do you can encounter headaches, severe eye strain, and other issues. You dont have to put yourself through that.

Its easy

Its pretty easy to get your designer glasses prescription checked and to get the right prescription placed within your glasses. You can usually do it all in one place. Then again, you may want to shop around on the Internet and see who can do it for you for an even better rate. Just make sure your prescription is current. Even a dispensary that operates on the Internet will not be able to fulfill your request without a current prescription to work with. They may request that you send your latest copy or they will request the information from your optometrist. No matter what it is you have to do, know that you can reuse those old frames even if you cant reuse the lenses that are in them. This can save you a lot of money and a lot of time when all you need to do is see and look great doing it.

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