Gonorrhoea A Quick Simple Guide

Gonorrhoea (often misspelt as gonorhea) is a sexually transmitted infection that can affect both males and females. The bacteria that causes gonorrhoea (gonorhea) grows most easily in moist, warm areas like the reproductive tract, cervix, womb, fallopian tubes in women and the urethra in both males and females.

Gonorrhoea (gonorhea) is very common and people are at risk if they do not have safe sex. Symptoms of gonorrhoea (gonorhea) generally appear a week after infection and can include experiencing pain when urinating and green, yellow or white pus excreting from the penis or vagina. In men gonorrhoea (gonorhea) sometimes causes swelling of the testicles and in women bleeding between periods.

Gathering all the STD facts you can and being aware of your own sexual health, you can prevent yourself from contracting any infections like gonorrhoea (commonly misspelled as gonorhea). Condoms should always be used during sex and if you notice anything painful or different about your genitals, you should always get checked by a doctor to help detect infections, like gonorrhoea.

If you feel that you may have contracted gonorrhoea, it is important to visit your GP in order to be swab tested.

If you are found to have contracted gonorrhoea after you have been tested, it is likely that treatment will involve a course of antibiotics. It is therefore important to seek advice on taking the medication from your GP. It is also useful to obtain any STD facts from your doctor, so as to raise your awareness of how to avoid STDs in the future.

If during pregnancy you contract gonorrhoea, there is a risk that the disease may be passed into your babies eyes when giving birth. The baby will then have a swab test and a curse of antibiotics to treat it.

Using a condom during sexual intercourse is the only way to prevent yourself from contracting an STI such as gonnorhoea, as any STD facts will tell you.

Anyone who is sexually active can be at risk from gonorrhoea infection so it is important to get checked out if you notice anything unusual about your genitals.

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