Bob Greene Best Life Diet

At first glance, I thought the Bob Greene Best Life Diet had it backwards. I have always been taught that you start hard and gradually work back into the way you are hoping to live, keeping the weight off, for the rest of your life. And I thought that meant getting to go back to eating what I want. But as I started looking, really looking at his program, I realized that my thinking was what was backwards. I mean, this is what got me into this situation in the first place.

The more I thought through Bob Greene’s diet, the more it started making sense. Statistics have shown that people fail in their diets because too much change too fast is a recipe for failure. So it dawned on me that if you start slowly, see success, it will foster a desire to continue to see more success. Plus when you start getting healthy, a bonus is that your attitude follows and it drives you too towards establishing a healthy lifestyle.

Bob Greene’s diet philosophy is ‘losing weight the right way – so you shed pounds and keep them off – takes time’. Using this thinking, this plan is set up for gradual but significant changes. Starting with simple things like having a good breakfast everyday and getting up and about, you will start seeing the changes you desire immediately. And long term, this adds up to starting and continuing a healthy, happy way of life.

Unlike the well worn starting and stopping diet plan, this one is a journey to a lifestyle change. The diet plan is not about lifetime restrictions but about being sure you can continue to enjoy food. And do so without a constant struggle to stay at a healthy weight.

The Bob Greene diet plan is broken down into 3 easy to follow phases each of which lasts a minimum of four weeks. Phase 1 prepares your body for weight loss by cranking up your metabolism and increasing your activity level which will in turn start the calories burning. Phase 2 is focused on watching your calories by eliminating 6 problem foods. You’ll do this by managing your hunger using a tool called the Hunger Scale. Phase 3 is all about making YOUR life the healthiest it can be – your terms and your timeline. And now you have the information and experience to do this.

One downside to Bob Greene’s diet is there is no limiting on portions sizes. This is self-regulated and is very important to healthy living. The other side of the coin is you are moving more than ever and once you get moving you will be amazed how much you enjoy it because it produces again those endorphins which give you pleasure. And the calories are a burnin’!

In summary, you can’t miss with Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet plan. His honesty and awareness of the reality of how people operate is evident in the way this diet is structured. You only have to start to have the full and healthy life you desire.

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