Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

Buying a home is definitely one of the biggest purchases and most momentous occasions in our life. So much work goes into finding the home, packing up and moving in, that it seems only fitting to mark the occasion with a special housewarming treat or gift. Here are a few gift ideas that are sure to please the new homeowners.

For those first few days, homeowners are consumed with unpacking and moving furnishings around and dealing with service people, so food is usually always a big hit. After all, moving is exhausting and who has the extra energy to cook and clean up? So consider bringing over a complete meal along with all the paper plates and accoutrements since all the kitchen gear might not be unpacked. If you possess no culinary skills, a restaurant gift card or a basket filled with cheeses, crackers, fruit and other snacks might be nice.

A special culinary treat is another great idea, after all this is a time of celebration. One unique option would be to order a gourmet chocolate pizza for the new homeowners. At Chocolate Pizza Company, each pizza is handcrafted, carefully wrapped in cellophane and packed in an actual pizza box before shipping. Imagine the delight felt by your friends as they open the pizza box to discover this beautiful, delicious chocolate gift.

Each chocolate pizza begins with a handmade crust. The dark and milk chocolate varieties are a crust of melted chocolate blended with toffee that also is handmade by the Chocolate Pizza Company staff. White chocolate pizzas include a crust of almonds, dried cranberries and white chocolate. The milk and dark chocolate versions can be topped with nuts, candies and other yummy items. One deluxe pizza is topped with about seven different candies and candy bar chunks, but you also could opt for a splash of white chocolate or a scattering of mixed nuts. If you aren’t sure which variety to send, consider a gift basket which includes slices of pizza as well as other gourmet chocolate treats.

Aside from food, there are certainly other welcome options. Often when people move far away from home, they must sacrifice their houseplants. There are restrictions for moving plants out of state, and it can be difficult to move plants in general. Providing a new homeowner with a lush, green plant can be an excellent welcoming gift. A tree for the new yard is another great idea; just select something that works well for their yard and the soil in the area.

For a friend who has never purchased a house before, home ownership can be a big adventure. To help them make simple repairs and learn how to maintain their home throughout the year, a helpful home repair book might be welcome. Add a gift card to a nearby hardware store or home improvement warehouse, and this will be sure to make any homeowner happy.

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