Fun Gift Ideas For The Biker Chick In Your Life

If you thought motorcycles were a guy thing, you would be completely incorrect. Millions of American women love to head out on the open ride on a Harley, Kawasaki or even a fancy BMW. Female motorcycle ownership has risen by about 30% in the last six years and it continues to climb. So if you know a biker chick and you are searching for a cool gift, consider some of the following ideas that are sure to please any biker.

No biker should ride without having a guardian bell firmly attached somewhere on their bike. For the uninitiated, a guardian bell is part of a special biker legend. According to the story, placing a guardian bag on your saddlebags or perhaps your handlebars will keep the gremlins away. These “gremlins” are well known to bikers and are the evil beings that place obstacles in the middle of the road or cause mechanical problems to occur all of a sudden on your bike. The tinkling sound of the guardian bell keeps these gremlins away and protects the rider.

In addition to the possible protection they provide, they are also a beautiful ornament for any biker. Check out the selection at online sites such as, and you will find a huge variety of biker guardian bells at low prices. This website also has hundreds of other pieces of biker jewelry, including a vast selection of inexpensive steel biker jewelry. You can find hundreds of belly rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, and all of the prices are quite low, so you can definitely afford to treat your favorite biker chick to a cool selection of jewelry.

While the fun of riding is obviously the main reason why people choose to purchase a motorcycle, biker clothes are cool as well and they would make a great gift. Leather chaps or a cool leather jacket would be a great gift, and you can even find a leather jacket that is made by the same company that made her bike, such as Harley Davidson. This company has a full line of ladies apparel including shirts, jackets and even jeans.

Related to clothing, another idea would be to purchase an accessory such as a cool helmet, biker gloves or perhaps some cool fashion eyewear specifically for bikers. Even some cool biker boots would make a fabulous gift. Sunglasses, boots and gloves are items that she might not splurge on if she is purchasing for herself, which is why they make great present options. All of the leather gear is not only cool; it will protect your biker chick as well, so it really serves double duty.

If you know the exact make and the model of her motorcycle, you can purchase some items for her bike. There are quite a few decorative add-ons she might like, as well as more helpful gifts such as a rack, a backrest or even bags or some type of luggage. A GPS can be a great gift, as well, especially if she enjoys using her bike as her main form of transportation.

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