Baby Shower 101: How To Plan A Great Event

There are few moments in life sweeter than the arrival of a baby, and celebrating with the expectant mother is a time-honored tradition. For those who are getting ready to plan a baby shower, you might be wondering how to get started with this event. Here are a few tips that might prove helpful.

Obviously you must decide where and when to host the shower, as well as whom to invite, but once you have figured out these essentials, it is time to get down to business and plan out the food, the fun and the decorations. One easy way is to select a theme and there are plenty of options. Often you can plan the theme around the dcor of the nursery. Some moms choose a special theme such as jungle animals or cars or a Hawaiian nursery and matching the nursery to the party theme can be fun.

Because you typically are bringing a variety of people together, some of whom probably don’t know each other very well, planning some activities and games is always a good idea. You can have baby shower word searches, baby bingo, a quiz about the Mommy-to-be, a nursery rhyme quiz, a celebrity baby name match-up or some other type of game. Provide prizes such as a potted flowering plant, a basket of bath goodies or some lovely scented candles.

Another fun ice-breaker would be to ask each guest come to the party with a book that they loved when they were young, such as a fairy tale or perhaps a Dr. Seuss book. Then have the new mom try to figure out which guest brought which book. Before you know it, the guests will be chatting about their favorite books and favorite childhood memories, and the new baby will have the beginnings of a great library.

Food is a big part of the event, and generally a shower features a buffet rather than a sit-down meal. This allows people to mix and mingle and eat at their leisure. You can decorate the buffet table in the theme of the party. Delicate tea sandwiches, salads, fresh fruit and little appetizers are a great idea for a shower. You also can make a special punch for the occasion, as well as offering iced tea, bottled water and lemonade.

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