The Season for Soup

Author: Jana Banks

There’s many reasons people love soup. Some love the many flavors and textures, others the warmth and comfort. Lots of soups are so hearty they actually make a complete meal. Of course, in the summer heat, there is always the option of choosing from the cold soup favorites. Here are just a few of the basic types of soups you can create yourself.

Most soup can be separated into hose made with a stock base and those that are non-stock based. Then there fruit soups as well, which generally do not use stock base. Stock based soups can include broth, bouillon, and consomm while non-stock based soups are typically your cream soups, purees, chowders, and bisques.

You can make soup stock from every kind of meat including beef, turkey, lamb, chicken, veal, fish, etc. Using dark-colored meats will produce brown stock while white soup stock is made from light-colored meats. Vegetables commonly added to soup stock include onion, celery, and carrots. Soups in this category include beef vegetable, chicken soups, tomato soups, cabbage soups, and broth’s.

If you’re making a rich thick puree or cream type soup you’ll find they can be a perfect main course for a light dinner or afternoon luncheon. Create such classics as creamed corn or creamed broccoli, split pea, oyster or lobster bisque, bean or potato puree, clam chowder, and much more.

If you’d like great fruit soup, consider such refreshing favorites as chilled cantaloupe, cherry soup, honeydew melon, peach, or strawberry cream. These delicious soups are wonderful anytime, but especially on a hot sultry day. Some fruit soups use fruit juice as a base, while others call for a vegetable stock base. It’s also a great vegetarian meal.

Whatever soup you choose to make, there’s nothing quite like coming home and savoring a well-made soup. Finish your cream soup off with a small garnish and serve in a large, flat bowl. Covered soup bowls are ideal for bean and onion soups. And don’t forget to make enough for second helpings.

Serve up your homemade soup in these lovely covered soup bowls . You’ve put a lot of work into your meal, so put the right finishing touch on your hard work with a nice set of serving bowls .

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