Fish Is Contaminated. So Surely Eating Fish Is Dangerous?

There are now numerous warnings about the risks of eating fish. Fish is contaminated with Mercury. Fish is contaminated with PCBs. Fish is contaminated with dioxane.

Given all these warnings you’d be forgiven for thinking that you should never eat fish again. So is eating fish good for you or not?

There’s little doubtthat fish is good for you. It’s packed with Omega 3 essential fatty acids. It’s full of protein. It doesn’t have any carbohydrates. It does not have any saturated fats.

It also has lots of lesser nutrients including various minerals such as calcium and also a range of vitams such as vitamin A and vitamin D.

But if you eat fish aren’t you going to get those nasty PCBs, dioxane and Mercury along with your protein, micronutrients and Omega 3 fats?

Yes to a small degree you are, however that’s not to say you should completely stop eating fish.

If you’re a pregnant woman, or anticipating becoming pregnant, there are specific warnings by the FDA about eating fish, and recommendations about the specific types of fish you should avoid.

But in other respects there is no reason why, provided you’re sensible, you shouldn’t eat fish.

Being sensible includes informing yourself a little more about the types of fish you should avoid, namely the types of fish which are most likely to have higher concentrations of contaminants. Being sensible includes finding out more about ways to cook fish.

Because there are certain things you should do when you cook your fish to reduce the likelihood that any contaminants could cause you problems, as well as ways to cook fish which preserves some of those all-important Omega 3 fatty acids rather than cooking them out.

There’s no doubt that fish is nutritious. Eating fish is good for you. In fact it’s one of life’s super foods. You just have to exercise a little care.

However there is clear evidence that over the last century our intake of fish has dropped dramatically and that the result of this is that virtually all of us are deficient in the Omega 3 essential fatty acids.

The result of this is that many of us are suffering from a wide range of lifestyle diseases, many of which may be helped or even prevented by increasing our intake of Omega 3 fats.

The risks of not eating fish would seem to be greater than the risks of eating fish.

If you’re worried then there are excellent fish oil supplements available which are not contaminated and which you can take every day, and in fact I recommend that you do so anyway, I certainly do.

But don’t swear off fish. Be sensible. It is nutritious, it’s yummy and it should be in everyone’s diet.

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