Create lasting Memories With Fabulous Father’s Day Gift Baskets

You can give your dad a kiss on the cheek any day; how about spectacular Father’s Day gift baskets packed full with his favorite things this year? Besides your mom, he is the one person who has seen you in the good, the bad and the ugly – and loving you through it all. If anyone deserves some attention and TLC, it’s the big man of the house and you know it.

The best thing about giving presents is that the receiver will feel obliged to use the gift – especially one that is carefully planned and sweetly presented. Use this to your advantage. If it seems sneaky, well it is. If your dad loves those calorie laden steaks and burgers, get him healthy gift baskets. Nothing gross and bland; fresh fruit baskets are yummy and popular choices that he might enjoy if given a chance – or if prodded into with discrete emotional blackmail.

Alright, fresh fruit gift baskets might be a little too much for your dad – if tears show up; they should be tears of happiness not of annoyance. Still, all is not lost. Give him a healthy care basket with relatively healthy, tastier food. Pack a wicker basket with a loaf of whole wheat bread, some sausages, grapes and a bottle or two of beer. Take him out to a picnic lunch date and have a blast reminiscing about his old days, childhood memories and memorable milestones in your family’s life.

What hobby does your dad take pleasure in the most? Work around this particular theme in your gift basket. Perhaps its golf. Trim a big basket with synthetic grass garlands and put in golf paraphernalia like pens, magazines, wall paper, etc. The more creative the better. If your budget will allow it, but an umbrella and have it printed out with his name and some silly message. When he uses it as he makes his rounds across the course, he will remember you.

Here’s a well known secret that bears repeating – the cost of the gift really doesn’t matter to most parents. That almost gives you a free pass on what to give our dads right? Nope – we still need to give our best, however form it takes on. If the best means DIY gift baskets for the time being then that’s great – it spells love and sincere effort to him and that is what matters.

An easy to do gift is putting together an album or two of his favorite songs you can download in the Internet. Google the pictures and get interesting trivia about the artists and print them out as your album’s CD cover and present them to your dad in a cute little container. Not a music guy? DVDs then. Tie the cases of his most watched TV shows or movies with a pretty red ribbon and hand the goodie bag over with flair.

Today we give special attention to the hero that needs no special mention, at least for him -our dad. He always provided and cared for us beyond what was expected of him; it’s your chance to show your appreciation with beautiful Father’s Day gift baskets that express your love.

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