My Secret To Crafting a Life Of Better Grapefruits

While they contain the same letters in the name, grapes and Florida grapefruit are not very similar. There are many that wonder why we call them Florida grapefruit in the first place. They are called Florida grapefruit because they grow in bunches on trees just like the grapes grow on their vines. When it comes to eating Florida grapefruit, you can get quite a bit of goodness out of this great fruit. There is quite a bit of history behind the Florida grapefruit.

In the year 1750 the first Florida grapefruit was found. If you are familiar with your bible verse, these men claimed that the Florida grapefruit was the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve had taken. When it comes to grapefruit, they are grown in many places, but none come close to the Florida grapefruit.

Grapefruits were not overtly popular with the locals at first because they wanted a sweet fruit and the grapefruit was quite bitter. People started growing grapefruit in Florida in the early 1800’s. While still reigning supreme today, the ruby red Florida grapefruit is the best tasting and most popular variety. The ruby red is now grown all over the world, but originated as a Florida grapefruit. Duncan, Thompson, and Ruby Reds are some the best Florida grapefruits you can get. When it comes to Florida grapefruit, getting a basket of these on Christmas day has been a staple for many families.

Florida Grapefruits are great because they contain large amounts of C and B vitamins that your body needs. These terrific fruits are very low in calories. Some other benefits of Florida grapefruit are that they contain low amounts of natural sugar, and give you some great digestive benefits when you eat them. If you can’t handle the bitter taste of a grapefruit, you can always use a little sugar or honey to make it more palatable. Your digestive health benefits with the grapefruit rely on that bitter taste though.

If you want to lose some weight, Florida grapefruit can help you by speeding up your metabolism when you eat. When you decide to go on a grapefruit diet, make sure that you are keeping your food intake balanced.

Lycopene is another great substance found in Florida grapefruit that can help fight cancer and boost your immune system. Kidney stones are very painful and like lycopene, Florida grapefruits contain salicylic acid that helps rid your body of them. You can always bring a Florida grapefruit with you to work and eat it as a snack in the morning to help you prepare yourself for the rest of your busy day. When it comes to a delicious and nutritious food that can benefit multiple parts of your body, Florida grapefruits take the proverbial cake. Because grapefruit juice can affect certain medications that you are taking differently, you should always ask your doctor before going on a high grapefruit diet.

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