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People who live in the United States generally really like all different kinds of pizza, from Chicago Style to thin crust. The national average of pizza consumption in the United States is about 23 pounds of pizza per person every year. This means that each person eats about 46 slices individually, on average. 93% of Americans consume pizza every month and more pizza is eaten during Super Bowl week than any other week. A whole month is dedicated just to pizza because so many people eat it and enjoy it. This month is October and October has been pizza month since 1987. Americans love pizza so much that if they were asked, most of them would say pizza is definitely their favorite food.

Roughly 20 million people search the word ‘pizza’ on a search engine in just one month. This means that about 6% of the United States population is either searching for or ordering pizza every month.

Using the telephone used to be the only way that anyone could order a pizza, but now, people can use the internet to place their orders. It’s easily done and very quick to use, making it much more appealing. Some pizza chains are now permitting their customers to use their website and build a virtual pizza when they order. At the beginning, it’s just a plain pizza and as the customer picks what toppings they wish to be added to the pizza, they appear on the screen. The whole process that goes into creating your pizza is shown to you as you decide what to put onto it. It’s entertaining and simple to make your own pizza creation on the internet.

Internet retailers have said that online orders, as opposed to telephone orders, for pizza make up around 30% of pizza sales at specific pizza places. Each of the major pizza chains in the United States has a certain part of the online orders that allows customers and buyers to put in a pizza coupon code, which allows people to save anywhere from a little to a lot of money on their order. At most major pizza restaurant chains, there is a box or a space on their website to enter and use a promotional code in the order process. Even if the customer didn’t happen to have a pizza coupon code while ordering, there is usually a link to the most current specials being offered by the restaurant, allowing for as much money to be saved as possible.

While ordering online pizza, promo codes can vary as far as their uses may go. Sometimes the discounts received can only be applied to toppings or the minimum number of items ordered, as well as other possibilities. Reading the fine print on the pizza coupon codes can be important because you may only be allowed to use it on certain things. Some only allow customers to use the discounts on carry-out orders.

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