The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Giant Bean Bag Furniture

There are a variety of differences between normal furniture and bean bags. People usually are drawn to bean bags since they can be used in variety of different ways. However, it is a good idea to look at both the benefits and drawbacks when searching for bean bags for your house.

The Good Stuff:

1. As I pointed out previously, these sacks are versatile. They can be shaped into a variety of chairs and sofas without much effort and thus be utilized for a variety of various gatherings. For example, some individuals like viewing movies on their pillow sacks, while others utilize them to work on their laptops or finish school work. They are also comfortable for sleeping or playing video games.

2. Several bean bags like the Fombag or Lovesac have a removable enclosure that can be laundered in a basic washing machine. This makes them easier to keep clean, and it also minimizes the cost of washing too. Bean bags with detachable fabric enclosures tend to look better for a longer period of time and people don’t have to fret about dirt and stains as much.

3. Bean bags are easy to move. If you compare it to a heavy couch, a sofa filled with beans or memory foam is much less work to relocate. In minutes, you can carry a beanbag to another room or outside to the patio. Furniture that is easy to move tends to get used more frequently and therefore can minimize the need to pay for chairs or seating.

4. Pillow sacks can be utilized by everybody: adults, teenagers and animals. Since there are so many shapes, sizes and fabrics to choose from, each person can get a one-of-a kind chair. For example, there are fur covers, microsuede enclosures plus trendy print covers. Sumo Lounge offers many different colors and fabrics to choose from. On top of that, if your cat has its own pillow sack, you don’t need to worry so much about him jumping up on your fancy couch.


1. If you like a laid back feel, buy bean bag furniture. They do not generally look ideal in a formal living space. This limits their use to more relaxed living areas. They are more user friendly in playrooms, high tech start up offices and loft apartments.

2. This kind of seating is not ideal for people who do not prefer sitting lower to the floor or who have trouble standing up from a seat. Although several giant bean bag lounge chairs and sleepers are in fact elevated, they can still be challenging to get in and out of because they do not have a stationary frame to grasp.

3. Keep in mind that bean bag chairs don’t provide much structure. These furnishings really are designed for people who literally want to sink into their seat.

4.Their moldable design makes them consume a significant amount of area. In fact, some giant versions cannot fit through a small door.

When comparing bean bag chairs and loungers, it’s wise to ensure that you have enough space to accommodate them. Also, it’s wise to choose an item that has a detachable enclosure that makes it easier to wash.

Fabric and color should also be a part of your decision, as stronger materials display less wear and darker colors show less dirt. A number of oversized and newer styles, like the Fuf chair or Jaxx Pillowsak, have durable memory foam that does not pack down after repeated use. These designs keep their shape longer.

Oversized bean bag loungers are sold online and can be sent straight to your home in a small container so you don’t have to deal with carrying it yourself: Go here

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