Restaurants In Cape Town That May Wow Your Family And Buddies

Restaurant hopping is one of the most popular activities in Cape Town. There are many restaurants that serve different kinds of cuisines and have different ambience. If you are planning to go to the area, here are some recommended restaurants for you, your family and your friends.

The Savoy Cabbage

The dishes of this restaurant use organic produce to guarantee freshness and exquisite taste. It has a very contemporary design which will fit any occasion and perfect for every people. The names of the food and the dishes themselves are very creative. You will not only enjoy the taste but also the presentation of the food in front of you. The menu is fairly flexible as they change it every day. It is best to ask the restaurant staff what their specialty for the day is or what their best sellers are. The restaurant is elegant enough for dates and casual enough for friendly gatherings. It is best if you reserve in advance and keep in mind that the restaurant is not open on Sundays.


The most powerful reason for this restaurant may be the mixture of different cultures. Your meals are a mixture of Asian and Western tastes it is therefore emits a really unique atmosphere and experience for each diner. The employees are extremely professional plus they offer great service. The area is extremely cozy and is ideal for romantic dates. Every dish is accompanied by wine to ensure that visitors to possess a very elegant experience. Vegan dishes will also be offered for those who avoid meat or individuals who wish to have healthy snacks. It is not open every Sunday however; you can reserve another days online or by calling the restaurant.

Rusten Vrede

This restaurant has been persistently on top when it comes to studies and rankings. Thus, bringing your loved ones here will not be discouraging for you. The place and its menu are traditional. The food is produced from fresh ingredients that are regionally grown by the restaurant owner. You can pick from various meal courses such as the four course and 6 course ones. This restaurant in Cape Town has existed to its reputation and is constantly giving great providers to people. Every dish is combined with the wine located in the estate in the restaurant. It may be pretty busy at night so it is best if you reserve days forward.

The Strandloper

If you head to this restaurant for the first time, you will not believe that it is a restaurant. The place has a lot of boats and fishing nets. Additionally, you will think that a recent surprise has just passed the area. However, this makes this place unique and various from all the other restaurants. The style of the place itself is totally different and classy in its own approach. You may enjoy fantastic seafood meals. To make sure you have a seat, it is advisable if you call the restaurant in advance.

Restaurants in Cape Town are great for people who love food and uniqueness. Try the recommendations above and enjoy your stay in the area.

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