Make Your Business Trip More Fun With Food

Recently my wife and I opened a business and found that our travel itinerary increased dramatically. Now, like any one, I love traveling but it does begin to wear on you the more you find yourself away from home. With that said, there is one benefit to traveling that we find most enjoyable. Yes, flying first-class is a great perk and renting a convertible in sunny California is nice however my favorite traveling experiences is tasting all of the wonderful cuisine that each city we travel to has to offer. Think about the city in which you currently live. Don’t you have your list of the best restaurants that you love to frequent? In fact, many of these places are probably not what many would call five star restaurants rather they are probably a lot of diners, drive-ins and dives that would make the top of your list.

To help you make the most of your traveling experience, here are four simple tips to aide you in making every trip an adventure you will never forget and long to return to.

Begin to keep a food diary When traveling to a place you’ve never been to before, every time you eat out, whether its room service or take out, grab a copy of the menu and note the name, address, phone number and what you had to eat. If the experience was good make a note and if it was bad, make a large note. This is helpful because if you have to travel there again, you don’t have to try to remember the name of the place, where it was and more importantly, what you had to eat.

Get a picture with the chef Hardly anyone does this, but it can be a great memento of your trip. The chef at your favorite restaurant is the one responsible for your pleasant dining experience. This is something that will not only give you something interesting to tell people when you get home, but will give the chef something exciting to talk about as well.

Talk to the Locals This one idea will have a huge impact on your overall experience. This key will determine whether your traveling experience is bland or explosive. Simply find a local person who is not of your race or ethnic background and ask them where the best place to eat is. That’s it.

Order Dessert To Go One of the best things that you can do for someone is to give to them when they are least expecting to get something. So after you have finished ordering and eating your meal, ask them to find out what another patron wants for dessert. Tell them that whatever dessert that the patron wants, add it to your bill. Be sure to tell the waiter or waitress that you’d like to remain anonymous.

Traveling can be fun or it can be painful; but with these few tips, you have learned how to make the most of your trips whether they are for business or for pleasure! Bon Appetit!

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