How to Design Your Own Low Carb Diet

Author: Ricardo daryans

Foods containing sugar and starch are designated as carbohydrates. These foods are the ones that provide the fuel and energy for our bodies. All food groups, including carbs, are the pieces that make up a balanced diet. The basic concept is to take pleasure in eating foods in healthy portions and select compex carbohydrates whenever you can.

When people talk about Carbs is the shortened name for these energy items. When people discuss Carbs, they are usually targeting those foods with higher concentrations of sugars or starches. If you check, you will notice that carbohydrates are contained in a majority of the foods that we eat.

A lot of the foods that have a lot of carbs in them are junk food items, in addition to sweets, white bread, potatoes and pasta. Fresh produce is a staple of the low-carb diet. Avoid canned goods. Stick to unprocessed foods like brown rice and whole wheat bread. Plain oatmeal is a tasty treat for cereal lovers.

There are two basic groups of carbohydrates, one is the simple carbohydrates, and these include sugars, candy, white bread, pastas and even dairy and some fruits. This is the body’s top source for energy. The complex carbohydrates are number 2 when it comes to providing us with energy. These carbohydrates take longer to digest and this is why they keep you feeling free from hunger for longer periods of time. These carbohydrates are found in veggies, some fruit, beans, potatoes, pasta, and whole wheat bread.

When partaking in a low carb diet, one should be sure that their daily intake does not exceed 20-50 gm per day. If you are maintaining your weight, 180-300 gm per day of carbohydrates will work nicely. Choose lean turkey or other protein rich foods if you want to maintain a low number of carbs in your daily diet.

A low carb diet causes your body to look for energy sources if it is not able to find the carbohydrates in the bloodstream, it will take glucose from your liver. If you have no carbohydrates, you body will begin to burn some of your own fat supply.

Low carbohydrate foods include most vegetables, except corn, potatoes, some mushrooms, green peas, and rhubarb. Even Shiitake mushrooms are almost 25% carbohydrate. Even a lowly cucumber can contain 10gm of carbohydrates, which is not high unless you are totally watching that carb count. Most lean meats are good for low carb diets, so a dieter can enjoy baked or grilled chicken or turkey breast, fish or lean beef. Beans are a good choice although they can add moderate amounts of carbs to your daily total. Stay away from canned foods of any type and restrict processed foods, sugars, and starches.

Remember to do your exercises if you want to diet correctly. Even a low carb diet is not enough to successfully and quickly burn fat. You must exercise everyday to promote the process of fat burning. Exercise is good for you but there is a tip for you to use. Any exercise can boost your heart rate to where it needs to be, try a walking quickly for a quarter of an hour.

If corect for the next 30-45 minutes your body will be burning fat cells to supply your energy needs. Your body will use up its stockpile of glucose in nearly 15 minutes. You want to target the fat,you should not eat just before exercising, you do not want to have extra carbs in your bloodstream for your body to burn.

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