Cholesterol Blood Test – Why You Need One

The next time you go see your doctor don’t forget to request a cholesterol blood test. Everyone has cholesterol in their bodies and it serves many vital roles in the body. however if your cholesterol blood levels are high you will need to make some changes to your diet and lifestyle. Doctors will generally do the cholesterol and other tests more frequently after a certain age or family medical history to help you maintain your good health.

The results of the cholesterol blood test indicate to your doctor whether or not your cholesterol is too high and whether you need to make changes in your lifestyle or eating habits to correct this condition. If it is too high, the most common first treatment step is a change in diet and an exercise program, followed by prescription medication.

Changing your diet can have a large, positive impact on your goal to lower your levels of cholesterol. In order to regulate your cholesterol levels, it is imperative that you eat the right foods that will help bring it under your control. Creating a diet plan with the assistance of a dietitian will allow you to lower your cholesterol without you having to forsake your favorite foods. Inmost cases you can simply alter the ingredients.

Don’t be worrried that unappetizing or unpleasant tasting food is going to be the norm. You will still have the opportunity to indulge in different kinds of foods as you attempt to lower your cholesterol, but learning how to prepare your favorite foods properly is essential to sustaining your efforts.

You will be amazed at the vast array of cookbooks, online recipe columns, informative magazines, and heaps more available to you to help you prepare healthy, low cholesterol foods. Good, cholesterol friendly cookbooks will give you extensive lists of foods and just as importantly, teach you how to prepare them. Learning how to plan and prepare heart healthy, low cholesterol meals can be challenging and fun, and learning this new skill will help you incorporate these good habits into your lifestyle.

In order for you to faithfully stick to your new diet, try and get the whole family involved. This way you can get rid of all of the junk foods from your house and reduce your chances of falling back into bad eating habits. An added benefit is that other family members’ health will also improve if they adopt the new diet as their own.

Your new, healthy outlook will let you know you are getting better, but don’t neglect proper testing. Verify the benefit of your lifestyle change by having another cholesterol blood test. Monitoring your cholesterol level will reassure you that you are improving, and if you do need to make adjustments, it will let you know that, too.

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