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Making the Most of Holiday Leftovers

As any cook knows, holiday meals can wear you out, especially if you have a big family to feed. Between figuring all of the things that need to be done and making the meal preparation, it can be exhausting. So sometimes it’s best to keep it simple, and make a dish that everyone will love, especially the cook.

Dinner Recipes the Easy Way

Dinner recipes can be hard to come up with day after day, meal after meal. Many people get into a menu rut, rotating between the same recipes endlessly. Families often find, when examining their food selection, that they constantly eat the same meals while ignoring some old favorites. It’s all haphazard and kind of random. Now that more people are more focused on other things like work, it’s not easy to plan and execute a healthy menu.

Don’t Forget The Mint!

Mint can be something that happens when you are the least prepared for it. You might be outside in your garden and suddenly detect a sharp, green odor that you associate with candy or medicine, and you will suddenly realize that you have mint on your hands. Whether you choose to cultivate it or buy it at the store, you will find that the species of herbs that are denoted as mentha, which all share the common name of mint, are quite healthy and tasty when you can add them to your cooking.

How to Make Dried Fruit for a Jello Cake Recipe

Whether you are trying to enrich your diet with more healthy fruit or whether you have children in mind and are thinking of their nutritional requirements, one great way to do so is to make dried fruit. This also ensures you are getting plenty of natural sugars and vitamins in your diet. Dried fruit is very versatile and can be eaten alone as a snack or used to decorate your favorite jello recipe in a unique way. The only problem is that dried fruit can be quite expensive but this is easily overcome when you discover how easy it is to make your own.

The King of the Berries – The Strawberry

Mmmmm… Can you remember biting into a big, sweet, juicy strawberry when you were little? Can you feel the juice running down your chin? Strawberries can create some vivid food memories for many people because they are so good! Today, you can get strawberries at the market almost all year round thanks to quick shipping, but they are not the same as eating those freshly picked, perfectly ripe berries right out of your own garden.

5 Easy Inventive Ways To Use Up Leftovers

After several months of big meals, many folks run out of ideas for eating the many dishes of leftovers piling up in the refrigerator. I am guilty of forcing my family to eat endless repeats of the same old plates filled with the same old food. Chances are you’ll be throwing out food if you try to present that same plate a third time.