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Using Thyme in French Cooking Recipes

Most recipes call for herbs or seasonings to complement the flavor of the food and French cooking recipes are no exception. Thyme is an example of a very popular herb. It adds a tangy, earthy flavor to your dishes and if you have used it before you will know what a difference, it makes. Knowing a bit more about thyme can help you to decide which French recipes would benefit from this tasty herb.

Herbs and Spices

More than a Culinary Delight

Herbs and Spices

More than a Culinary Delight

Natural Healing Herbs As Medicine

Author: Andrea Turner

A variety of herbs have natural healing properties and many are grown and harvested specifically for medicinal purposes. When taken as prescribed, healing herbs offer excellent results and a natural alternative to modern day drugs to treat some ailments.

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Growing An Indoor Herb Garden Is Easy

Author: Jeff Glasser

Instead of planting a big outdoor herb garden consider planting one indoors. Many smaller varieties and dwarf varieties of herbs grow quite well in small pots that can be placed on a kitchen window sill. Now when you are cooking you do not have to run to your outside garden to pick a few herbs to add to your cooking. You can just simply turnaround and grab a few leaves!

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