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Great Italian Food Cooked In Different Italian Regions

The Tuscan Italian food is great. But one appeal of Tuscan Italian food is that it is generally healthy. This is due in large part to its use of olive oil. There are many different varieties of olives that are grown in the area and used extensively in the cooking. Beans are also widely used as are vegetables, seasonal fruits, and mushrooms. Of course the area also has the cheeses that are a signature of Italian food. In October and November the people are up for a real treat because this is when the famous white truffles of the area appear. Contrasting this lighter side of the Italian food is the extensive use of meat in Tuscany. High quality beef can be found in the region.

Spaghetti Sauce Recipes

Nearly every family in North America eats spaghetti, so it is not surprising at how many spaghetti sauce recipes there are out there. Some are a family secret that are handed down to new generations, while others are eagerly shared with friends and family members so that everyone has a chance to enjoy it. Did your mom have a favourite spaghetti sauce recipe? Perhaps you should ask her, if you remember enjoying it as a child.