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The Way To A Healthy And Wealthy New Year – Invest In You!

New Year is a time when we reflect on what might have been and give some thought about what might be. It’s also a time of reckoning when all those things you’ve been putting off stare you firmly in the face demanding action. Are you going to do something about them or find a good excuse to carry on as you did before?

Eating Only Nutritional Foods

The biggest problem with most people gaining weight is due to the quantity of food they consume.

Eat More For A Faster Metabolic Rate

Your first step to losing weight is acknowledging the fact that you do need and want to lose weight. When your weight is of concern to you, the emotional and physical toll it takes on you can be very stressful.

Raw Vegetable Diet! More Energy & Lose Weight

raw food diet appears to be a throwback to the early days of our civilization when just about everyone had a garden. Now this plan is similar to a vegetarian diet because most of foods come from plants. It’s well-known that raw foods are believed to contain nutrients that are great for the body and blood that are lost in the canning and preservation process.

Eat Well and Lose Weight

In the US, it is estimated that more than half the population is to some degree out of shape and overweight. With numbers so high, there are many looking for the best diet to meet their needs and they want healthy eating advice.

How to Come Up with a Quick Easy Vegetarian Meal

Vegetarians live busy lifestyles too and with work and kids, vegetarians need all the help they can get with preparing interesting meals. Contrary to popular belief, preparing a quick easy vegetarian meal may be a convenient task after all. Here are some practical tips for a quick easy vegetarian meal.

Reach Your Fitness Goals by Eating Right

If you’re into fitness, you probably know that the more effective way to lose weight and get fit is through resistance training. Even so, the process of getting fit takes time, hours each week. Too bad that many people forget about diet during the process, possibly ruining your chances at reaching your fitness goals.

Portions of Food, So You Can Savor the Flavors you Favor

The path to a healthy weight for you and then the maintenance of this weight can be challenging. There are many ways to take this journey and these are often promoted in a range of diets or eating programs like those in The Zone Diet or the Tony Ferguson weight loss program. The number of alternatives from which you can select a diet is extensive. It is no wonder we often end up confused about which direction to take to lose weight for good. Instead of deciding on a new diet however, we need to view weight loss from a different angle. The secret to long term weight loss is all about eating the right portion of food because food portions, not food types are at the center of effective long term weight loss.

Cholesterol Blood Test – Why You Need One

The next time you go see your doctor don’t forget to request a cholesterol blood test. Everyone has cholesterol in their bodies and it serves many vital roles in the body. however if your cholesterol blood levels are high you will need to make some changes to your diet and lifestyle. Doctors will generally do the cholesterol and other tests more frequently after a certain age or family medical history to help you maintain your good health.

Arthritis Diet

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 40 million Americans are currently living with arthritis. Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States; with the annual cost to the U.S. economy being estimated at more than $130 billion.