What You Should Know About Halal Meals Ready To Eat

There are various reasons why a military personnel survives being away from family and basically living on the road. One of which is the training and of course, the food. When you are at war, it is essential that the troops get the necessary nourishment so that they would be able to last long in the fight.

MRE was created to help the US soldiers get their rations while in the middle of the war. Halal Meals Ready To Eat is one of the innovations that was created for the benefit of people who do not have anything to eat in tough situations. Before, it was called just rations and contain limited options. But today, there are a lot of varieties to choose from.

If you are a company who is trying to make a business out of it, you need to know that there are certain rules you need to follow. First, you need to meet the requirements of the nutritional content. It is essential in making sure that all of the people who would eat the packed meal would get the necessary nutrients.

There are different packs for different recipes. Today, there are already too many varieties so the choices would not be limited. It can even be an entire meal if you want to have it. But the quality should be properly inspected prior to distribution to be sure that nothing is lacking and every measurement is precise.

The packet must contain the exact amount of calories which is 1300. The percentage of nutrients must also be measured. Every meal should have 15 percent of protein, 35 percent fats and 55 percent carbohydrates so that the body can have more energy. There is a specific range for the temperature which can ensure that the meals would last longer.

If stored properly, it can last up to three years. And if not, it will only last for about six months. It does not contain any kind of preservative or chemical to make the shelf life longer. Instead, the secret is on the processing itself and how it was packaged.

The secret lies in the packaging and the entire process of creating the packs. The main goal of the packaging is to ensure that no moisture of any sort or oxygen is allowed inside. This is because oxygen is one of the reasons why food becomes spoiled.

Through vacuum sealing, the air is thoroughly removed. But this is only applied to the general packet. For specific foods such as fruits, it needs to be thermal processed to ensure longevity. If you open a pouch, you will see that it has a oxygen scavenger inside. This is to guarantee that there would be no presence of any type of air especially oxygen in the meal to make it last longer.

Since it is hugely utilized in compromising and even dangerous situations, there is a need for it to be durable. This way, no matter what type of transportation it is subjected to, it would not get blown to pieces or get torn easily. Even if you drop it from a plane without a parachute, the packaging would still survive.

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