Red Wine

Gossip sessions are not real gossip sessions without the pureness of a great glass of red wine. Red wine brings people together like one community for one common goal or interest.

I can say I often enjoy a glass of red wine whilst I play bridge with my friends on a weekly basis.

Red wine is brilliant for relaxing you mind, body and soul. It also helps people communicate their feelings. A fruity glass of red wine can be like the cold side of a pillow – refreshing.

To me, red wine is like the kangaroo pouch of the liquor world. Yes, it is true that at a social gathering, a fine bottle of red carries a lot of weight.

One could even go as far as saying a good example of wine can act like the fuel to one’s Bentley, making an already beautiful example run like a dream.

This example is always in full flow during one of my exchanges of Bridge, the aroma of red wine fills my large drawing room and floats around the eager guests just wanting to get a taste of the delightful fruitiness of one’s red river of riches.

The character of red wine enables you to focus fully on its glory or to simply admire from a distance like a Bengal tiger teaching it’s cubs how to hunt.

Red wine can often be compared to a pizza. While the dough is usually the same, the toppings are very much different. Different red wine can cater for different tastes and needs.

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