Keeping A Large Family Fed On A Small Budget

With spring right around the corner every year, it is time to reevaluate your clothes, and your closet situation. If you want to have room for some new clothes trends, you are going to need to do some condensing. Spring cleaning is a great time for taking inventory, and a total overhaul. There is undoubtedly pieces hanging that you haven’t worn in years, and will never wear again.

There are many good ideas in regards to how to feed a large family. Parents that have already struggled to provide for their children and been triumphant can pass on their methods to other parents who are still learning. The advice given by these parents can be invaluable to others. But, if you are a parent in a large family, and you do not have someone to turn to for advice, consider these suggestions.

When you are mentally ready to begin, arm yourself with three large plastic bags. Label one “donate,” one “trash,” and one labeled “repair.” All of the items you want to keep will go back into your closet. Every item should wind up in one of these bags or back in the closet. Now, pull all your clothes out of the closet, place them on a flat surface like your bed, turn on some motivating music, and get to work.

If you buy in bulk, you can use plastic baggies or, better yet, vacuum packaging to preserve extra food. While planning, also try to take note of ways in which you can conserve left over items from one meal by using them again in another meal. Purchasing some items-rice, pasta, and meats-in bulk can decrease the amount of money you spend while at the grocery, as well as decrease the number of trips you make to the store. Those of you who have a hard time sticking to a list should allow your spouse or someone else to make runs to the store for you. As previously mentioned, store these bulk items in smaller amounts. Vacuum sealing foods helps preserve them and increase their shelf life.

During grocery shopping trips, it is probably best for you to focus on these types of items and at least have a healthy level of them available in your supply. When you are purchasing pastas and grains, it may be best to choose the whole grain variety, instead of those that are white flour based.These usually have less fat and preservatives than the other types, and they will offer fiber and heart health increasing benefits. Make sure that you have a good variety available according to the types of things that your family enjoys eating.

Anything that is in good condition but does not fit right, is out of style, or is impractical for your life right now, should be donated. Pre-weight-loss clothing, last season’s trendy pieces, and items that itch, pull, or pinch when you wear them are good examples of donation pieces.It can be difficult to part with items that you paid a lot of money for, or were once in love with. However, think of the tax deduction you can get, and all that freed up space.

Throw away clothes that are not fit to donate. Keep a few things for dirty jobs like dying your hair, gardening, painting, etc. and keep them in a separate drawer or box. Throwing away old and battered clothes can also be a difficult task – they are like old friends. However, remember, every minute you spend sifting through clothes you never wear is simply a waste of time and space.

Often, snacks like candy bars and potato chips can be expensive and strain a budget. It’s a better idea to buy in bulk in this case as well. Find some cheap bulk popcorn or another item that is easy to make. Do not give into a child who begs for a candy bar as this can lead to the undoing of your attempts at budget management. If your children want, they can use an allowance to buy the candy they desire. In this way it becomes a reward, and the child will come to learn more about how to budget.

Chances are you will not wear it if it does not go with anything. Now is a perfect time to take inventory of your wardrobe. Are there any basic pieces you are in need of? Is there a color that you do not have, which would tie several things together?Write down any changes you would like to see. This process is to gain the ability to wake up in the morning, grab anything from your closet, and have it fit, look good, and make you feel good.

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